About me

About me

I am Gijs Peijs, a dutch photographer living in the Amsterdam area. I shoot a lot of different styles but my main interest is landscape photography.

Portfolio & Description

In 2007 I bought my first camera (an Olympus µ-mini Digital) and a whole new world opened for me. Very little did I know about photography but didn’t stop me from capturing the world and having fun. In the years that followed I learned lots about photography mainly through books and the endless resource of information: the internet. Of course I soon realized my Olympus wasn’t the right tool for me and I switched to my first DSLR. And yet another new world open for me. By now I mainly shoot mirrorless cameras.

A lot has changed since that small point-and-shoot Olympus. But one thing remained the same: my love for nature. Back in 2007 I was already fascinated by the beautiful sceneries of this world and I still am today. The great thing about landscape photography is being out in nature. Even if I don’t get the shot I am after I still enjoy the moment. But when all parts of the puzzle do come together and fall into place the result is very rewarding.

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